Use These Services To Get Quicker Customer Service Calls| ItSoftNews

The next time you need a company’s contact number and don’t want to bother navigating through labyrinthine websites, head to the Elliot Advocacy Contact List instead. Here you’ll find the customer service numbers for hundreds of companies, sorted into categories, such as airlines, cable providers, hotels, and computer makers. The site also has some helpful tips on resolving customer service issues.

For a more advanced option, check out GetHuman. This website goes beyond just a number and gives you instructions on how to quickly reach a representative, along with the best time to call. It can even call the company on your behalf and ring you back when a rep is available (though I’ve found this aspect to be hit-or-miss).

Of course, neither of these resources will get you better customer service in the first place. Technology can only do so much.

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