Why Movies About Deadly Airbnbs Like ‘Barbarian’ Hit A Nerve Right Now

Of course, many Airbnbs are still cheaper than hotels and more convenient to book, so there is little danger of the company evacuating from our lives any time soon. Many users still love it and many others are instead resigned to it. Dave Franco, for instance, mentioned in his Collider interview that even while filming a horror movie about Airbnb, he stayed in an Airbnb.

This is what Airbnb horror has in common with haunted house movies. Since there is no “poltergeist clause” that nullifies mortgages upon detecting some paranormal activity, people who live in haunted houses often have too much money tied up in the property to move. They are financially trapped—similar to the way some people can’t afford to stop searching for potential savings on Airbnb, even after knowing the potential risks.

In both cases, maybe the real villain is actually capitalism.

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