Twitter Circle Is Available To Everyone. Here’S What It Does| ItSoftNews

Twitter has announced that as of today, all users now have access to Twitter Circle. The feature first debuted to a limited number of users in May, but now anyone with an account can create a Circle.

Twitter Circles are essentially a group of a user’s most trusted followers. The user gets to decide which followers get let into their Circle. When a user marks a tweet for their Circle, none of the user’s other followers outside the circle can see the tweet, and any replies to the tweet are private, even if the user’s account is set to public. Tweets sent to a user’s Circle also cannot be retweeted or otherwise shared.

Twitter is rolling out the Twitter Circle feature today to all users on iOS, Android, and The company says that users who have used Twitter Circle say they feel like it makes Twitter a more safe, more private place to be, where they can express themselves without the fear of harassment or being bullied by a Twitter outrage mob. Twitter also says Twitter Circle users increased their overall tweeting and also received more engagement on their Twitter Circle tweets.

A user can add up to 150 followers to their Twitter Circle, and change them at any time without the follower being notified. Twitter Circle rolls out today to all users. Users will see the option to set up their Circle when they compose a new tweet. You can read more about Twitter Circle here.

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