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Kyndryl has launched an infrastructure-management service that promises to help connect and integrate enterprise resources.

Kyndryl Bridge integrates existing tools, partnerships, intellectual property, and processes the company has amassed through years of delivering infrastructure services and uses it to provide as-a-service capabilities and applications that help control and manage enterprise infrastructure.

Enterprises have invested in heterogeneous tools and management platforms that don’t integrate the data they gather, and Kyndryl Bridge connects, aggregates, and centralizes that siloed performance data, said Antoine Shagoury, Kyndryl’s chief technology officer. “Then, we use our engineering expertise and AI to analyze the results in real time to provide operations personnel the intelligence they need to keep systems running at peak performance,” he said.

Kyndryl says that server incidents among Bridge beta testers dropped 74% per month.

The service can integrate diverse environments including cloud, multicloud, and edge networks using both Kyndryl’s engineering expertise and its alliances with infrastructure vendors, according to Shagoury. “It provides greater access and control over critical tools, and Kyndryl experts in cloud, data and AI, security and resiliency, mainframe modernization, and other important aspects of the IT estate,” he said.

For example, Kyndryl engineers could build a secure enterprise edge-network environment to handle a distributed workload using partners such as Cisco and Nokia to provide the required networking and security, he said.

“If a customer is coming to us with an edge challenge like that we can say, ‘Here are the tools that we readily have available. Here are the partners that we have, and if you want, given our partnerships, we can bring everyone to the table to come to the solution that you want us to engineer,’” Shagoury said. 

Kendryl offers network consulting, managed networks, and SDN services to help enterprises build programmable network fabrics that include SD-WAN, data center, branch, and LAN technologies.

“In essence, Kyndryl Bridge is a solution enterprises can use to monitor and analyze data-center asset performance, enhance management processes, and address problems before they become emergencies,” said Charles King president and principal analyst of Pund-IT, Inc. “The new offering speaks to the central value proposition of Kyndryl’s services/solutions.”

Bridge is somewhat similar to HPE’s GreenLake Compute Ops management software, and to other hardware vendors’ operational management solutions such as IBM vCenter and Dell OpenManage, King said.

The company definitely has the tools it needs to monitor and manage vital enterprise IT assets, he said. In addition, the creation of the service indicates the progress the company has made since Kyndryl became independent of IBM last November.

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